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The Wheel is an interdisciplinary journal of Orthodox Christian theology and culture. In the three years since it was launched, The Wheel has established itself as one of the leading voices in Orthodox Christian public discourse. We publish essays and critical commentary, poetry and short stories, art and photography, translations of classic and contemporary texts, and reviews. Recent contributions have covered the topics of:

  • political theology

  • philosophy/philosophical theology

  • theological hermeneutics

  • natural science

  • church history

  • hagiography

  • missiology

  • ecumenism

  • sacred arts

  • liturgy

  • theological ethics

  • Orthodox current affairs

Original contributors of note have included John Behr, Peter Berger, Sergei Chapnin, Susan Holman, Pantelis Kalaitzidis, Nadieszda Kizenko, Vassa Larin, Andrew Louth, Aristotle Papanikolaou, Elizabeth Prodromou, Kallistos Ware, Gayle Woloschak, and Christos Yannaras. The Wheel's core Editorial Board includes both academics and professionals in other fields, and they are supported by a wider network of occasional editors. The international Advisory Board is comprised of senior academics (in several fields) and figures in church life, both lay and ordained. The members of the Editorial and Advisory Boards are affiliated with the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Church of Greece, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and the Orthodox Church in America. 

The Wheel consciously seeks to bridge the gap between academic, ecclesiastical, and wider cultural reflection. We therefore solicit contributions from academics and independent scholars, while requiring that material is presented in an accessible style. 

The journal is published quarterly and the exclusive language of publication is English. Original contributions or classic texts in other languages (predominantly Russian, Greek, and French) frequently appear in translations made exclusively for The Wheel

The current issue of The Wheel is available for you to view online. You can also access full back issues for one year after publication and contents pages for all back issues.