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The Wheel publishes essays, criticism, poetry, fiction, and images. Potential contributors should familiarize themselves with the journal before contacting the Editors. Proposals for articles and criticism should include a basic thesis statement and an explanation of why The Wheel provides a suitable context for this work. Poetry, fiction, and visual essays should be submitted for review in full. All potential contributors should submit a short biography. The Editors are also happy to review completed manuscripts, which should be submitted with the same information required above.

The Wheel rarely publishes articles over 3,000 words and only by prior arrangement with the author, so all submissions should respect this limit. Manuscripts should be submitted as Microsoft Word files.

Submissions and proposals should be sent to The Editors endeavor to respond to all inquiries promptly. If you do not receive a reply within four weeks, please send a follow-up query.

Submissions to The Wheel are first screened by the editorial board, which comprises academics and professionals in other fields. If a submission meets the journal’s basic standards and is deemed topically relevant, it is referred for review and editing by either a board member or an outside reviewer with subject expertise. The manuscript is then returned to the Editor-in-Chief with a confidential recommendation to publish or reject. If the editorial board decides to accept an article, the author is often asked to make revisions based on editorial feedback.

Accepted submissions may not appear in print immediately, but contributors will ordinarily be notified of the issue in which their work will appear at the time of acceptance.


Letters in response to articles published in The Wheel are welcome, and will appear in the following issue, if they are deemed to contribute to the discussion. Letters should ideally be submitted within one month of the publication of an issue, in order to meet editorial deadlines. Submissions under four hundred words are preferred, and may be edited for length and clarity. Please send them to

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts should follow the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style and, where appropriate for scholarly submissions, the SBL Handbook of Style.

Images are an important part of The Wheel, and authors are encouraged to suggest high-quality illustrations for their submissions.

Articles may use a small number of brief footnotes, but should not include a separate bibliography, “Works Cited,” or “Further Reading” section. Quotations, explicit criticisms of other authors, and other direct references warrant footnotes; additional references and extraneous commentary in notes are strongly discouraged. In no case should the total number of words in footnotes exceed ten percent of the total number of words in the body of the article.

RSV is our preferred Bible translation unless there is a specific reason to use a different one. If a translation from the Septuagint is used, the New English Translation of the Septuagint is preferred. 

Quotations in non-English languages and non-Roman scripts may be incorporated in the article body, but should be brief and should be accompanied by English translation. The names of articles, books, and other publications should appear in their original language and script, but authors’ names should be transliterated into Roman script, following Library of Congress standards. The city of publication should be given according to standard English usage. The name of the press should be given in the original language and script.