The Wheel publishes essays, criticism, poetry, fiction, and images. Writers should familiarize themselves with the journal before contacting the editors. A query for an article submissions should include a basic thesis statement, an explanation of why it is important to argue in this journal, and a short biography. The editors are also happy to accept unsolicited manuscripts, which should include a cover letter giving the same information as for a query.

The Wheel rarely publishes articles over 3,000 words and only by prior arrangement with the author, so all submissions should respect this limit. Manuscripts should be sent in Microsoft Word format and formatted according to the current edition of Chicago Manual of Style. Contributions should be written for an intelligent general audience, with footnotes kept to a minimum.

Manuscripts and queries should be submitted to The editors will generally decide on your submission within four to six weeks. If you do not receive a decision within four weeks, please send a follow-up query.



Letters in response to articles published in The Wheel are welcome, and will appear in the following issue, if they are deemed to contribute to the discussion. Letters should be submitted promptly in order to meet editorial deadlines.

Submissions under four hundred words are preferred, and may be edited for length and clarity. Please send them to