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This page is intended to facilitate discussion of articles published in The Wheel, a journal of discourse, dialogue, and debate on matters of faith, theology, spirituality, ethics, and reason.

All points of view are welcome. Please note that all contributors are entitled to the respect due to fellow members of the Body of Christ in the process of working out our mutual salvation. All comments should be in accordance with the follow guidelines on respectful communication:

R = take RESPONSIBILITY for what you say and feel without blaming others
E = use EMPATHETIC listening
S = be SENSITIVE to differences in communication styles
P = PONDER what you read and your response before you reply
E = EXAMINE your own assumptions and perceptions
T = TRUST ambiguity and questioning, because this is a forum for free discussion and discernment

In addition to these points, please note that ad hominem attacks, name-calling, offensive and derisive language, profanity and the like will not be permitted. Contributors should avoid making disingenuous or personal comments of any kind. Contributors are encouraged to pray for those with whom they disagree strongly.

Page moderators will intervene in discussions as necessary. Posts that openly violate the principles expressed above will be removed. If no moderator is visibly engaged with the thread which you consider to be in violation of these rules, please send a private message and we will respond accordingly.